How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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rective, but nutritive of the vicious habits of her children. The more she flogged, the more their disobedience flourished. Her ill-judged eastigation operated like a partial hoeing among weeds, which only makes them grow the faster. T have seen, on the other hand, a teacher of a seminary, consisting of eighty boys, succeed in governing the whole school, while the heaviest punishment ever inflicted was that of making a boy lie in bed for a whole day. This teacher had a peculiar tact for his profession : but a large part of his skill lay in imperturbable cheer­fulness of manner, and an equanimity of temper which never deserted him. These prevented his being thrown off his guard, secured him the good will and confidence of his pupils, and in­clined them at the outset to comply with his requisitions.
But after all that may be done, it is impossible to lay down rules on this subject that will an­swer for every case. We may remark of punish­ment in general, as of physic,—use it as seldom as possible, but when necessary, take a sure dose. And let me add, never punish a child in a hurry. Take time for it; and if you can ac­complish your object by reasoning with him; if you can bring him to repentance and a due sense of the duty of obedience by patient coun-
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