How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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sel, consider this as far better than the infliction of any punishment whatever.
There are some practices of parents which cannot he too severely condemned. One is a constant fretting at, and scolding of, children; a mistake often made by mothers, who can oiler the excuse that they have so much to do as to render it impossible that any thing should be well done. By this practice, the force of govern­ment is weakened, and the authority of the pa­rent worn out. I never knew one who was per­petually correcting a child, that did not either establish him in habits of contempt of parental government or stultify his intellect. It is proper to remark' here. too. that in no duty of life is ex­ample more important than in family govern­ment. Let children see that the father and mother indulge angry looks or harsh words towards each other, and they get a bad lesson. which may never leave them. ()n the contrary. if they see those whom they most reverence and most love, habitually kind, gracious and patient in their intercourse with one another, they will carry images in their hearts, which will ever incline them to love and gentleness.
There is another common error, which may need to be noticed,—that of correcting a child hastily and harshly, and then, feeling that in-
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