How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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FAMILY GOVERNMENT.                       129
child; and the i; flower of the family" seldom yields any other than hitter fruit, in the second place, the neglected part of the household feel envy towards the object of special affection, and nourish a secret discontent towards the parent that makes the odious distinction. Disunion is thus sown in what ought to be the Eden of life, a sense of wrong is planted by the parent's hand in the hearts of a part of his family, an exam­ple of injustice is written on the soul of the offspring by him who should instil into it, by every word and deed, the holy principles of equity. This is a subject of great importance, and 1 commend it to the particular notice of all parents.
1 have seen a mother, who had two daughters, select one, for no apparent cause, as the object of particular a (lection. The daughters grew up and had families. For a long time they continued to entertain undisturbed a (lection for each other. But the mother's preference of one, and of all that belonged to her, though attempted to be concealed, could not be disguised. This gradually introduced a feeling of jealousy be­tween the sisters. Insensibly they became es­tranged: the two families also began to indulge a spirit of rivalry. They became watchful of each other's words, dress, and demeanor. They
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