How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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these are two, the breach of one or the other of which will explain almost every case of gross failure on the part of virtuous parents, which we have ever known. They are these :
" 1. Keep your children from bad company; and,
2. Make them obey you.
" There is no time to enlarge on these points; but it seems to us that habits of insubordina­tion at home, and the company of bad boys abroad, are the two great sources of evil, which undo so much of what moral and religious in­struction would otherwise effect. The current of parental interest is setting towards mere in­struction to such an extent as to overrate alto­gether its power: and the immense injury which comes in from such sources as bad company and insubordination, is overlooked and forgot­ten. What folly to think that a boy can play with the profane, impure, passionate boys which herd in the streets, six days in the week, and have the stains all wiped away by being com­pelled to learn his Sunday-school lesson on the seventh ; or that children who made the kitchen or the nursery scenes of riot and noise, from the age of three to eight years, will be prepared for any thing in after life but to carry the spirit of insubordination and riot wherever they may go. 12
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