How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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134                         FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
No; children should be taught most certainly, but they must also be taken care of. They must be governed at home, and be kept from contaminating influences from abroad, or they are ruined. If parents ask, how shall we make our children obey? we answer, in the easiest and pleasantest way you can, but at all events make them obey. If you ask, how shall we keep our boys from bad company 1 we answer, too, in the easiest and pleasantest way you possibly can, but at all events keep them out of the streets. The alternative, it seems to us, is as clear and decided as any which circumstances ever made up for man: you must govern your children and keep them away from the con­tamination of vice, or you must expect to spend your old age in mourning over the ruins of your family."
Religion claims the highest place in the range of education; but still it is a subject which, in most of its details, must be left to the spiritual guide of the reader. He will inculcate its sub­lime truths, its holy obligations. He will en­force upon parents the necessity of stamping into the bosoms of children an ineffaceable con -
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