How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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fidence in the truth of the Bible. This is the corner-stone of our faith. Without this, the re­ligion of Christ has no foundation in the mind. On this point permit me to warn parents of the fearful force of example. Childhood is like a mirror, catching and reflecting images from all around it. Remember that an impious doubt or a profane thought uttered by a parent's lip. may operate on the young heart like a careless spray of water thrown upon polished steel, staining it with rust, which no after scouring can efface.
I need not say that religion is the basis of all virtue, the foundation of all excellence in character, the only inexhaustible fountain of happiness; for all this is generally admitted. We may bequeath to our children houses, lands, and other earthly treasures, but if they acquire not a title to some better inheritance we leave them poor indeed. That better inheri­tance may be compared to an estate in a dis­tant country, which can only be secured by travelling thither. Now, in order to induce a person to undertake this journey, it is proper, as a first step, to convince him of the actual exis­tence of this inheritance, and the necessity of the journey in order to obtain possession of it. If he disbelieves or even doubts the reality of
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