How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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this land of promise, he will never set forth to visit it. Thus, in religion, a firm, undoubting belief in revelation is the first step. Without this, there is no progress in the real journey of life. Now there is one means in the power of all parents which I conceive to be very effec­tual in establishing a confidence in the sacred Scriptures, and which they alone are likely to employ at the proper season and with due effect. At a very early period of education, children begin to acquire some geographical knowledge. They soon learn that the earth is a sphere, and that its surface is distributed into various coun­tries. They learn that the Eastern Continent is scattered over with remnants of antiquity; they learn that Rome is filled with mouldering arches, broken columns, and moss-covered walls, bearing the impress of ages that are passed. They learn that Greece is strewn with similar ruins. How powerfully do these vestiges speak of the past,—how distinctly do they call up from the slumber of centuries the mighty na­tions which once inhabited these realms ! How vivid is the conviction that is engendered in the mind by such witnesses, that the story of these great nations, handed down to us by the page of history, is no dubious fable, but a positive, unquestionable reality ! Now the parent may
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