How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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RELIGION.                                    137
carry the mind of his child, by the aid of books in common use, to Judea. He may show him that Jerusalem still exists : that the Jordan still flows on: that mount Calvary still throws up its frowning battlements toward the sky : that the sea of Galilee still spreads out its level surface, reflecting the image of heaven, as when Christ trod its shores and the apostles cast their nets into its bosom. Let the parent speak of these things as they now exist, and as travellers describe them, and these will all become living witnesses to the truth of revelation. Spread before a child a map of the Holy Land: show him the course of its rivers, the shape of its boundaries, the position of its mountains. Point him to the names of places rendered familiar by the Scriptures. Point to Jerusalem. Jericho, Bethlehem, Samaria, Nazareth. Let him know that these places, though more remote, as truly exist as New York, London, or Paris. Let him learn them as geographical facts; habitu­ate him to this train of thought, and his child­ish doubts of the validity of revelation will vanish. He will then read the Bible with unwavering confidence. Those mists which are so apt to gather over the mind, and seem to render the scenes which the sacred page unfolds, dim and doubtful as the visions of an Arabian 12*
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