How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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tale, will be cleared away, and faith, strength­ened by habit, will take that deep and strong anchorage, from which no tempest in after life can drive it.
Having enforced the necessity, and pointed out the means, of laying deep in the minds of children the foundation of confidence in the Bible as the word of God. I proceed to offer a few general remarks connected with religious education. There is no subject on which the influence of parents is more felt by children, than religion. It is so vast in its compass that a child does not, at first, attempt to grasp it. It baffles his comprehension and overtasks his imagination. He shrinks back from the effort to master it, and yields to the guidance of those who are wiser than himself. He submits his faculties to the parent on this subject with im­plicit obedience. He gives up his mind and soul,—believes as he is taught to believe, and feels as he is taught to feel.
Parents ought deeply to ponder their respon­sibility in this matter. The child surrenders his immortal spirit to the father and the mother, saying, in effect, mould me in this as you will! And let me appeal to parents in behalf of this confiding child. Remember the character of the " golden bowl " that is entrusted to your
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