How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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care, and that it may be broken at the very fountain ! On the great question of our rela­tion to a God, and the duties and the des­tiny connected with such a relation,—on the subject whicli involves our highest hopes and our most anxious Tears,—which embraces, not the happiness of a life of threescore years and ten, alone, but of that life which stretches from an earthly shore across the boundless sea of eternity,—in regard to this vast subject, the child makes you his trustee. He has an im­mortal existence, and may claim a glorious heri­tage, if his interest is rightly managed. Will you fulfil this trust faithfully, or will you betray your own offspring, where betrayal may result in irretrievable loss ?
(lonsider your position. You may determine whether your child shall be an infidel or a be­liever, an atheist or a Christian. If you openly avow a disbelief in the Bible, will your child not be an unbeliever also ? If. on the contrary, you are a believer, and act consistently with your faith, will your cliild be a skeptic ? Nay, does not observation teach us all that children will not only follow the creed of their parents in its general doctrine, but that in most cases they will adopt its minuter dogmas, and catch the very tone of the religious feelings they en-
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