How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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gender ? If the parent is charitable, will not the child be so too ? If. on the other hand, he is nar­row, censorious or sectarian, will not the child even resemble him in this ? It would, perhaps, be too much to say that, in all cases, parents form the religious character of their offspring; but the book of revelation, as well as all experi­ence, bear us out in the belief that the excep­tions are comparatively few, and that in a large majority of cases the religious opinions and feelings of a child are determined for life, as well in the great outlines as in the finer sliades. by his parents.
Let parents, then, consider well the creed they give to their posterity. If your son were about to travel in a distant country, you would take care that his passport was no forgery and his money no counterfeit. Be equally careful in providing for the journey of life, and see that you palm off upon your children, for their adoption, no hypocritical cant, no false zeal, no selfish fanaticism, no specious error. On this important subject, I cannot do better than give the following extract from Mr. Park's Lecture on Religious Education, delivered before the American Institute.
" This is not the time nor the place for an argument on the evidences of Christianity. It
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