How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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is enough to know that they have been exam­ined by the profoundest minds, and elucidated by the ablest pens, so clearly, so incontroverti-bly, as to convince every candid inquirer that Christianity is indeed a reality, on which de­pends our eternal welfare. And 1 will add my belief, that it has done more for the civilization of our race, for the amelioration of its suiferings and the advancement of its happiness, than all other visible causes combined. 1 believe, more­over, that it is the only sure basis of morality; the only efficient sanction to any code of civil polity; the only adequate restrainer of our evil propensities; the sheet anchor, which alone can stay us from shipwreck amid the storms of pas­sion. Go to our prisons, and you will find that their miserable inmates are those whose early religious education was either neglected, or so perverted as to destroy its good effect, by preju­dicing them against its precepts, or giving them a false, inadequate idea of its duties. Look, on the other hand, among the most worthy, virtu­ous, and happy of our citizens, and you will discover that they were the early subjects of a religious education, or at least of the hallowing influence of piety.
"It is, then, of vital importance to our country that all the rising generation should be instruct-
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