How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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ed in the principles and practice of true reli≠gion, as the sum total of virtue and morality. And the impression must be made early, or it will be too late. If we do not sow good seed, the enemy will sow tares. If we do not insist on religious instruction, the youth will naturally conclude that we attach little importance to it, and he will attach still less. Not only must we give instruction, but we must enforce it by our example. The dullest pupil will detect and despise the hypocrisy which points one way but moves the other; while few will be so discriminating as to receive the right doc≠trine and reject the wrong practice. None but a truly pious man is fully qualified to be a teacher of piety; though none should decline the duty from a consciousness of deficiency. That consciousness is the first step to reforma≠tion ; the teacher has a new inducement to self-cultivation, that he may the better perform his duty to his pupils.
" Much of the value of religious instruction will depend on the manner of imparting it. Not as a dull, cold formality, a mere ceremony, in which the heart has no concern,ónot thus should we infuse the words of eternal truth. Not thus had St. Paul preached to the church of Ephesus, when he said to its assembled
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