How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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144                         FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
and seizing the daily occurrences of life, from which to extract lessons of virtue 1 Is it not by availing himself of those leisure moments, those happy, blessed moments of domestic intercourse, which are the delight of every well-regulated family, to awaken and develop their better feel­ings, their social and religious affections, and to carry their thoughts forward from the things of time and sense, to the eternal home of the dis­embodied spirit ? Is it not by leading them in due time to the school-room and the sanctuary, there to develop and exercise their noblest fac­ulties ? Is it not by watching over them with­out seeming to watch; discovering the earliest symptoms of error, and by gentle means, if pos­sible, by any means, if necessary, guarding them from contamination ? Is it not equally by en­couraging their virtuous efforts with all the warmth of a parent's affection 1 Is it not by furnishing them with such books and such com­pany as may assist both to form their intellects and to improve their hearts 1 And, finally, is it not by reading with them the words of sacred truth, and leading them to communion with the Author of their being, in humble, penitential, grateful prayer 1
" I address particularly those who bear the sacred relation of mothers. Yours are the deep
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