How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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fountains of feeling and sympathy for your off­spring, which no drought can exhaust, and no mortal ken can fathom. Your lives, in them renewed, in them are concentrated; and on their welfare greatly depends your future happiness or misery. Therefore to you, more than to all others, has Providence wisely committed the training of their infant minds ; that, as they grow in beauty, strength and goodness, you may reap the reward of your labor. Nature has given you their affections as the tie by which you may lead them to virtue and useful­ness. Form their tempers then to patience and obedience, the pillars which support the arch of moral government, and all the rest will be easy, if you know and pursue the path of duty. " But as the youth advances to manhood and looks abroad in the world, he comes under other influences, which may change the direction of his life for good or for evil. Hitherto he has paid implicit respect to his parents, and their opinions have been his constant guide. Now he begins to hear other and contradictory opin­ions, which are in danger of perverting his best intentions, and unsetthng his soundest princi­ples, unless they are fixed on the firm basis of rational conviction. The parent should there-13                                   j
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