How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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fore forewarn him of these dangers, and thus forearm him against them. Tell him that there have been unbelievers in Christianity, but let him know also how few they were. Show him that some of them were weak men, who led very reputable lives, but yet lost the enjoyment of religion, the hope of heaven, and died like the brutes that perish. Show him that some of them were obstinate and perverse men, too proud to yield their opinion either to the voice of reason or the whisperings of conscience, till death opened their ears to the truth, and hum­bled their pride in the dust. And. add, that others were profligate, depraved men, who drowned the sense of truth in vain dissipation or presumptuous sin, till they left the world like demons, with yellings, imprecations and despair. Let him realize all this, and he will be guarded against atheism.
'''At this stage of life, particularly, should the sacred desk become the powerful advocate of religious truth. To this end. the faithful minis-ter will frequently adapt his sermons to the youthful understanding, and thus corroborate the instruction of parents at home. Numerous occasions will be presented for opening their minds to a practical view of their duties and obligations, preparing them for the labors and
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