How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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trials of life, and teaching them to remember their Creator in the days of their youth.
" I cannot close this brief address without raising my voice in commendation of Sabbath schools. I believe them to be among the most efficient means which the age is employing for the diffusion of Christianity. In many cases, they have strengthened previous impressions, and have nourished the seed sown in good soil till it brought forth a good harvest of piety. They have reclaimed the abandoned, and re­stored the profligate youth to respectability and usefulness. Children taught in them have in­verted the order of nature, and taught their parents to embrace the religion of the gospel. Parents visiting them have realized their value, and have been thus induced to instruct their children, or to send them to the Sabbath school. How much of vice, and crime, and misery, would be spared in our country, were all its youth regularly engaged in giving or receiving instruction in the Sabbath school! Teachers of common schools, has not the Sabbath also a claim on your services'? Six days of the week you are employed in teaching the knowledge of this world; should not the seventh be devoted to the knowledge of the world which is to come? It is beautiful, by human science, to prepare the
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