How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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no better meeting-house, lie held forth in a school-honse on the skirts of the village. At first he had bnt few hearers, and most of these went from sheer curiosity. These assemblies gradually increased in numbers, until the sub­ject began to attract the attention of Dr. B. and the deacons of his church. These were soon alarmed, and set about taking measures to se­cure the flock from the ravager. Dr. B. wrote new sermons instead of preaching the old ones ; he infused into them a warmer and more ear­nest spirit. All this acted upon the people, and they too were roused to give their attention to religious inquiries. Under the influence of these circumstances, a new singing-master was en­gaged, and the choir was greatly improved in their music. The church, too, underwent a thorough repair, and a new bell was swung in a new steeple.
Thus matters went on in Dr. B.'s society. Religion had acquired a new interest, and many persons were directing their attention to it, who had never thought seriously about it, before. The number of persons who attended meeting was much larger than in former times, and they appeared to be more attentive and devout. But during the whole of this process, the itinerant preacher was gathering together a society un-
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