How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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or no a believer can fall from grace. And it must be admitted that many uncharitable things were said in these lierce controversies. But after a lapse of two or three years, this spleen passed away, the neighborly feeling returned, and peace was restored to the community. The two clergymen shook hands as they met, called each other by the name of brother, and, though they kept a pretty sharp watch, lest cither should slyly steal a sheep from the other's fold, they lived on very good terms. The two societies entertained some jealousy of each other, but this had the good effect to make the members of both churches circumspect in their conduct. On the whole, therefore, the introduction of the new society produced a decided reformation in the town of W*******. Many persons who were sabbath-breakers, profane, and licentious, joined the new church, and were reclaimed from a life of vice; the members of the old church were quickened in their religious feelings, and, by the action of one society upon the other, a higher standard of church discipline was intro­duced, and a stricter code of morals established in the town.
There is one caution which it seems important to introduce here. Parents should take care that their children imbibe no disgust or preju-
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