How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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in the march of human improvement? In look­ing at our own country, can we not remark a purer morality than existed twenty-five years ago ? Is not the standard of church discipline, throughout all sects, higher now than it was then ' Is not public opinion sounder now than formerly .; Would not vices, which were tole­rated in society but a short time since, subject a man who should practise them to reproba­tion now ? Are not individual rights regarded with more respect? Is there not a nicer sense of justice and humanity throughout the com­munity than before? And is not Christianity the leader in this great progress? Are not the great body of Christians, the active and effi­cient originators and promoters of these various improvements in society? May we not, then, wisely direct the attention of our children to these views of Christianity, as an important means of establishing its claims to their confidence ?
Though the topic is a delicate one, it may not be improper to make a few suggestions as to the rules which should govern parents in in­fluencing the religious faith of their offspring. I would bring up my children in my own reli­gious creed, and I would commend it to every child to follow the faith of his parents till he has reached his majority; and then I would only
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