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therefore, who are ambitious of display, leaving vulgar questions of right and wrong in action to less ambitious minds, soar aloft into the di­viner regions of doubt and abstraction.
Thus it happened in Phoenicia. The princi­ples of morality, embracing the social and reli­gious duties, having been settled so that " the wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err therein," the philosophers began to wrangle about subtle points of belief. Sundry questions were started relating to the destiny of the soul after death. The general notion of the future happiness of the virtuous and the misery of the wicked was too easily comprehended, and too generally admitted, to satisfy these acute meta­physicians. They must needs penetrate the curtain that is dropped between the mortal and immortal state, and gain as exact knowledge of things unseen as of things seen.
We cannot undertake to detail the various theories which were now started by the philoso­phers, or attempt to give an account of the numerous sects into which they divided the in­habitants of Phoenicia. One of the leading ques­tions, however, which seemed to separate the people into two great divisions, was this : what is the shape of the vast island which forms the paradise of the blessed? It was generally agreed
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