How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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The monarch smiled, and the philosopher, though rebuked, was satisfied.
In concluding the topic of religion, I need but remark to parents, that, having given your child a good religious education, you have done the best thing for him in your power. And remem­ber that this is a gift which riches cannot pur­chase or poverty deny. It is within the poor man's ability, and he may be assured that his child, with a good religious education, even with an empty purse, has surer and better wealth than all the gold of Peru. The rich man's children particularly need a religious education, for they are exposed to peculiar dangers. As a ship in a gale of wind needs a more careful hand at the helm than at other times, so those who have wealth to give wings to their passions, especially require the monitory influence of that wisdom which comes from religious experience and instruction.
Of all the means for cultivating religion in the heart, I know of none so effectual as reading the Scriptures. The following anecdote may illustrate this. The child of a drunken sailor once asked him for bread. Irritated by this re­quest, the dissolute father spurned the boy from him with his foot, and he fell into the sea from
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