How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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the beach. Nothing could be immediately done by the people on the shore, and the child soon disappeared; but, by clinging to an oar or raft that he came near, he floated till picked up by a vessel then under weigh. The child could only tell the people on board that his name was Jack, but the humanity of the crew led them to take care of him. Poor Jack, as he grew up, was promoted to wait on the officers, received instruction easily, was quick and steady, and served in some actions. At last he obtained so much credit that he was ap­pointed to the care of the wounded seamen. While engaged in this duty, he noticed one who was sick, with a Bible under his head. He showed this man much attention, and when he was near dying, he requested Jack to accept this Bible, which he said had been the means of reclaiming him from the ways of sin. By some circumstance, poor Jack recognised in the penitent sailor his once cruel father.
It ought not to be forgotten that in religion, as in other things, exercise is a principle of cul­tivation, and habit a sure means of confirma­tion. See then that the children under your care are duly required to read the Scriptures, to pray, to read pious books, to join in pious con­versation, and give proper attendance to the
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