How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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public worship of God. Let this be the special care of the mother, for she has that nice skill which enables her to do all this in a pleasant way; in a way to prevent that dangerous wea­riness and disgust which ill-managed teaching often begets. Let her see that by these means religious principles, tastes and feelings are nou­rished in the heart of childhood. Let her see that by these means the love of God and the love of mankind become the controlling habits of the heart, and fashion the whole character ! I shall close this topic by extracting the fol­lowing appeal to a mother, whose power and responsibility in the business of religious edu­cation are great indeed.
You have a child on your knee. Listen a moment. Do you know what that child is ? It is an immortal being; destined to live forever! It is destined to be happy or miserable ! And who is to make it happy or miserable ? You— the mother ! You, who gave it birth, the mo­ther of its body, are also the mother of its soul for good or ill. Its character is yet undecided; its destiny is placed in your hands. What shall it be'? That child may be a liar. You can prevent it. It may be a drunkard. You can 15
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