How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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prevent it. It may be a thief. Yon can pre­vent it. It may be a murderer. You can pre­vent it. It may be an atheist- You can pre­vent it. It may live a life of misery to itself and mischief to others. You can prevent it. It may descend into the grave with an evil memory behind and dread before. You can prevent it. Yes, you. the mother, can pre­vent all these things. Will you, or will you not? Look at the innocent! Tell me a^ain. will you save it? Will you watch over it. will you teach it. warn it, discipline it. subdue it, pray for it? Or will you, in the vain search of pleasure, or in gayety, or fashion or folly, or in the chase of some other bauble, or even in house­hold cares, neglect the soul of your child, and leave the little immortal to take wing alone, exposed to evil, to temptation, to ruin ? Look again at the infant ! Place your hand on its little heart ! Shall that heart be deserted by its mother, to beat perchance in sorrow, disap­pointment, wretchedness and despair? Place your ear on its side and hear that heart beat! How rapid and vigorous the strokes! How the blood is thrown through the little veins! Think of it; that heart, in its vigor now, is the emblem of a spirit that will work with cease­less pulsation, for sorrow or joy, forever.
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