How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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belong to one who loves the Lord his God with all his heart, and who is therefore pious. Mo­rality and religion, accordingly, go together : whatever a man's pretences may be, he is un­sound in both, if unsound in either.
In Christian countries, we deduce the obliga­tions of morality directly from the Bible. Hav­ing satisfied ourselves that this contains the word of Cod, we look upon it as furnishing the surest guide in all matters upon which it pre­tends to instruct us. But if we need other proof of our obligations to observe the great laws of morality, we can easily find it. I have before stated that man has moral faculties, by which he perceives right and wrong. ': Every one feels that it is wrong to lie, to steal, to murder, to be cruel. Every one feels that it is right to tell the truth, to be honest, affection-ate, kind and grateful. And if any person will think for a moment, he will perceive that there are certain results which always follow these two sorts of actions. If any one do wrong, as, for instance, if he lie, or steal, or abuse another person, he feels a peculiar sort of unhappiness, which is called the feeling of guilt; he is afraid of being detected, he wishes he had not done it, and if he be detected, he knows that every one dislikes and despises him for his conduct. And,
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