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on the contrary, if he have done right, as if he bave told the truth, have been grateful, or have returned good for evil, he feels a peculiar sort of pleasure : he is satisfied with himself, and knows that all men will look upon him with respect."
Now thai faculty by which we perceive our actions to be right or wrong, and which begets a feeling of pleasure or of pain, as we may have done well or ill, is denominated conscience. We are told of a follower of Pythagoras, who had bought a pair of shoes from a cobbler, for which he promised to pay him on a future day. He went with the money on the day appointed, but found that the cobbler had in the interval departed this life. Without saying any thing of his errand, he withdrew, secretly rejoicing at the opportunity thus unexpectedly afforded for obtaining a pair of shoes for nothing. There was something in him, however, which would not permit him to remain quiet under such an act of injustice : so, taking up the money, he returned to the cobbler's shop, and, casting in the coin, said, " Go thy way, for though he is dead to all the world beside, he is alive to me." Such is conscience. This gift pecu­liarly distinguishes man from the animal crea­tion. Tt appears to exist in all countries and in 15*
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