How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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serenity—stifling resentment when they have it in their power to inflict vengeance—display­ing kindness and generosity towards enemies and slanderers—vanquishing irascible passions and licentious desires in the midst of the strong­est temptations—submitting to pain and dis­grace in order to promote the prosperity of friends and relatives—and sacrificing repose, honor, wealth, and even life itself, for the good of their country, or for promoting the best inte­rests of the human race.—we perceive in such examples features of the human mind which mark its dignity and grandeur, and indicate its destination to a higher scene of action and en­joyment.
" Even in the annals of the Pagan world, we find many examples of such illustrious virtues. There we read of Regulus, exposing himself to the most cruel torments, and to death itself, rather than suffer his veracity to be impeached, or his fidelity to his country to be called in question—of Phocion, who exposed himself to the fury of an enraged assembly, by inveighing against the vices, and endeavoring to promote the best interests of his countrymen, and gave it as his last command to his son, when he was going to execution, ' that he should forget how ill the Athenians had treated his father'—of
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