How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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cuting this labor of love, he travelled three times through France, four times through Germany, five times through Holland, twice through Italy, once through Spain and Portugal, and also through Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland, and part of the Turkish empire, surveying the haunts of misery, and distributing benefits to mankind wherever he appeared.
' From realm to realm, with cross or crescent crowned, Where'er mankind and misery are found, O'er burning sands, deep waves, or wilds of snow. Mild Howard journeying seeks the house nf woe. Down many a winding step to dungeons dank, Where anguish wails aloud and fetters clank, To caves bestrewed with many a mouldering bone, And cells whose echoes only learn to groan; Where no kind bars a whispering friend disclose, No sunbeam enters, and no zephyr blows;— He treads, inemulous of fame or wealth, Profuse of toil and prodigal of health; Leads stern-eyed Justice to the dark domains, If not to sever, to relax the chains ; Gives to her babes the self-devoted wife, To her fond husband liberty and life,— Onward he moves! disease and death retire ; And murmuring demons hate him and admire.'
"Such characters afford powerful demonstra­tions of the sublimity of virtue, of the activity of the human mind, and of its capacity for con­tributing to the happiness of fellow intelligences to an unlimited extent. We have also, in our 16*
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