How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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own times, a class of men who have parted from their friends and native land, and have gone to the l uttermost ends of the earth,' to distant barbarous climes, exposing themselves to the frosts of Labrador and Greenland, to the scorch­ing heats of Africa, and to the hostile attacks of savage tribes, in order to publish the salvation of God, and to promote the happiness of men of all languages and climates. Some of these have felt their minds inspired with such a noble ardor in the cause of universal benevolence, that nothing but insurmountable physical ob­structions prevented them from making the tour of the world, and imparting benefits to men of all nations, kindreds, and tongues."'
But it has been before suggested that man may abuse his moral gifts, and pervert them to evil purposes, and thus bring misery upon him­self and those around him. It may be well to consider some examples of this kind, and bring them into contrast with the foregoing examples of virtue, and thus show that while peace and content flow from acts of obedience to the dic­tates of conscience, bitter remorse follows close upon the heels of vice and crime.
" While Belshazzar was carousing at an impi­ous banquet, with his wives and concubines and a thousand of his nobles, the appearance of the
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