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mon place of sepulture to all the Jews, he was seized with a grievous torment in his inward parts, and excessive pangs of the colic, ac­companied with such terrors as no remedies could assuage. ' Worms crawled from every part of him; his flesh fell away piece-meal, and the stench was so great that it became intolera­ble to the whole army: and he thus finished an impious life by a miserable death." During this disorder, says Polybius, he was troubled with a perpetual delirium, imagining that spectres stood continually before him. reproaching him with his crimes. Similar relations are given by his­torians of Herod, who slaughtered the infants at Bethlehem, of Galerius Maximianus the au­thor of the tenth persecution against the Chris­tians, of the infamous Philip LI. of Spain, and of many others whose names stand conspicuous on the rolls of impiety and crime.
" It is related of Charles [X. of France, who ordered the horrible Bartholomew massacre, and assisted in this bloody tragedy, that, ever after, he had a fierceness in his looks, and a color in his cheeks, which he never had before: that he slept little, and never sound, and waked fre­quently in great agonies, rerpuring soft music to compose him to rest: and at length died of a lingering disorder, after having undergone the
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