How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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concealed and unknown: but the revenging fury of conscience caused it to be discovered by himself, who was justly to suffer for it. That notorious skeptic and semi-atheist Mr. Hobbes, author of the ' Leviathian,' had been the means of poisoning many young gentlemen and others with his wicked principles, as the Earl of Ro­chester confessed, with extreme compunction, on his death-bed. It Avas remarked, by those who narrowly observed his conduct, that 'though, in a humor of bravado, he would speak strange and unbecoming things of God; yet in his stu­dy, in the dark, and in his retired thoughts, he trembled before him.' He could not endure to be left alone in an empty house. He could not, even in his old age, bear any discourse of death, and seemed to cast orf all thoughts of it. He could not bear to sleep in the dark; and if his candle happened to go out in the night, he would wake in terror and amazement,—a plain indica­tion that he was unable to bear the dismal re­flections of his dark and desolate mind, and knew not how to extinguish nor how to bear the light of ' the candle of the Lord' within him.*'
Enough has been said to show the importance of the moral powers of man ; that these are the highest portion of his nature; that upon the pro-
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