How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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per training and right exercise of them depends our happiness here and hereafter. It has been also shown that the moral faculties are as capa­ble of cultivation as the intellect. Yet it is a remarkable and alarming fact that our system of seminary instruction almost wholly over­looks this important branch of education.# The
* "Teachers address themselves to the culture of the intellect mainly. The fact that children have moral natures and social af­fections, then in the most rapid state of development, is scarcely recognised. One page of the daily manual teaches the power of commas ; another, the spelling of words ; another, the rules of cadence and emphasis; but the pages arc missing which teach the laws of forbearance under injury, of sympathy with misfortune, of impartiality in our judgments of men. of love and fidelity to truth ; of the ever-during relations of men. in the domestic circle. in the organized government, and of stranger to stranger. How can it be expected that such cultivation will scatter seeds, so that. in the language of Scripture, ' instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall conic up the myrtle tree V If such be the general condition of the schools, is it a matter of surprise that we see lads and young men thickly springing up in the midst of us, who startle at the mispronunciation of a word, as though they were personally injured, but can hear volleys of profanity unmoved ; who put on arrogant airs of superior breeding, or sneer with contempt at a case of false spelling or grammar, but can witness spectacles of drunkenness in the street with entire composure ? Such elevation of the subordinate, such casting down of the supreme, in the education of children, is incompatible with all that is worthy to be called the prosperity of their manhood. The moral universe is constructed upon principles not admissive of welfare under such an administration of its laws. In such early habits, there is a gravitation and proclivity to ultimate downfall and ruin. If persevered in, the consummation of a peo-17                                       M
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