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Secretary of the Massachusetts Board, of Edu­cation seems to consider the statute of this state, providing that no school books shall be used in any of the public schools calculated to favor any particular religious sect or tenet, as an ex­planation, at least in part, of this neglect; but as the same inattention to moral culture per­vades nearly all the seminaries of other states and other countries, it is obvious that there is a more extensive cause at work in this matter. It may be that the fear of rendering moral cul­ture a means of instilling particular religious tenets into the minds of the young, has, in a few instances, led some parents to exclude it from the school-house and the academy ; and perhaps they have been seconded by the caution of their religious guides, whose position is likely to ren­der them scrupulous on this subject. But these views are wholly unreasonable, if they actually exist, and, after all, do not probably exert a powerful influence.
pie's destiny may still be a question of time, but it ceases to be one of certainty. To avert the catastrophe, we must look to a change in our own measures, not to any repeal or suspension of the ordinances of nature. These, as they were originally framed in wisdom, need no amendment. Whoever wishes for a change in effects, without a corresponding change in causes, wishes for a violation of nature's laws. He proposes, as a remedy for the folly of men, an abrogation of the wisdom of Providence."—First Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board of Education of Massachusetts.
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