How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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The true explanation of the neglect of moral culture in our seminaries, and of its neglect al­together, except so far as it may receive the casual attention of the parent or the preacher, arises chiefly from the worldly views of life which are current in society. The intellect is known to be the seat of knowledge, and know-ledge is known to be power. 'Those who have the charge of children look forward to the means of acquiring wealth and station as all-important : they therefore endeavor to cultivate the mind and enlarge its capacity, believing that they thus put those under their care in the sure road to fortune. And this may be so. if we consider fortune to consist only in the world's wealth. But if we regard virtue as the highest attainment and the richest treasure, and con­sider that wealth without it is a worthless pos­session, nay. usually a snare to its holder and a curse to society, we shall see that true wisdom condemns the policy which cultivates the intel­lect and' neglects the heart. Let this subject, therefore, receive the careful attention of pa­rents. Let them consider that moral culture is indispensable, and let them hear in mind, what has frequently been said before, that the soul may be educated as well as the mind. If we bring up our children to a trade or profession,
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