How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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196                         FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
we see that they acquire, by study, practice and habit, the knowledge, the knack and the taste necessary to success. The trade or profession of virtue is more necessary still, and it may be, by study, practice and habit, as strongly im­pressed upon the character as the knowledge of any art or profession.
I shall now proceed to notice several impor­tant moral duties, including those which involve obligations to society and ourselves. I shall not pretend to go through with the whole cata­logue of virtues, but shall only mention those which seem most important. And let me ob­serve, that one of the most efficient modes of impressing a child with the importance of any thing, is for a parent to let him see. by his own looks, words, and conduct, that he sets a high value upon it.
Truth is the foundation of virtue. An ha­bitual regard for it is absolutely necessary. He who walks by the light of it has the advantage of the midday sun ; he who would spurn it goes forth amid clouds and darkness. There is no way in which a man strengthens his own judgment and acquires respect in society so surely as by a scrupulous regard to truth. The
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