How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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course of such an individual is right on and straight on. He is no changeling, saying one (lung to-day and another to-morrow. Truth to him is like a mountain landmark to the pilot; he fixes his eye upon a point that does not move, and he enters the harbor in safety. On the contrary, one who despises truth and loves falsehood is like a pilot who takes a piece of drift-wood for his landmark, which changes with every changing wave. On this he fixes his attention, and. being insensibly led from his course, strikes upon some hidden reef, and sinks to rise no more. Thus truth brings suc­cess : falsehood results in ruin and contempt.
This is a great virtue, implying in its general sense the obligation to render to every one what is his due. In common acceptation, it is the duty of being honest and fair in all our deal­ings. But it has a farther signification. It not only binds us to deal equitably in matters of property, but requires us to respect the feelings and character of others. If you take an unfair advantage of a man in a bargain, you cheat him; if you take away his goods or merchandise, without his consent, you are guilty of theft. If you forcibly take away another's purse, you 17*
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