How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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I know of no other way than by inculcating a sense of justice in society. And to make this effectual, let parents begin with their cliildren. Let them not only caution them against theft, and cheating, and robbery, but against all those little tricks, arts and artifices by which children attempt to wound each other's feelings; by which one child endeavors to shift to another the blame that belongs to himself: and, above all, against the wanton, mischievous, or mali­cious tendency, which children often have, to exaggerate the faults or misrepresent the con­duct of others. Let parents encourage justice in all things. Let them set examples of justice before their children, especially in dealing with them. Let them never reward or punish un­justly.
One thing farther. Teach your children, by example and precept, never to wound a person's feelings because he is poor, because he is de­formed, because he is unfortunate, because he holds a humble station in life, because he is poorly clad, because he is weak in body or mind, because he is awkward, or because the God of nature has bestowed upon him a darker skin than theirs. The rich man, who makes an ostentatious display of his wealth, and there­by robs a poor man of his peace of mind, is, in
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