How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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Parent of creation hath provided. Happiness is found with the purring cat, no less than with the playful kitten: in the arm-chair of dozing age. as well as in either the sprighthness of the dance or the animation of the chase."
No one can road this passage without per­ceiving its truth, and deducing the inference that life is bestowed as a benefit by the Creator to the tenants of the earth, the air. and the sea, to fishes insects, birds and quadrupeds. And is man the only exception to this beneficence? Is life a good to all beside, and a curse to him ? There seems to me to be impiety in the very thought. Let us look then upon life as it really is,—a great and good possession—good, not only as the means of preparing us for another and better world, but good in itself; a path leading to another country, but still a pleasant path. Such are the true views to be taken of life, and we ought to support, cultivate and cherish a spirit of cheerfulness, by the habitual contem­plation of our present existence in this aspect.
This virtue is displayed in the fulfilment of promises, whether expressed or implied, in the conscientious, scrupulous discharge of the du­ties of friendship, and in the keeping of secrets.
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