How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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have become filled with unreasonable fears, by false instruction. I would warn parents against attempting to correct the evil by harsh measures. In some cases within my knowledge, the en­deavor to force timid children to be courageous, by placing them in situations of apparent dan­ger, has resulted in serious injury. I knew a man who had a son of fine talents, but of great gentleness and shrinking timidity; and. being ashamed of* this trait in his child, he determined to remove it. lie therefore took him on his own horse, and rode with him among a crowd of soldiers, who were discharging their muskets and cannon. The boy spoke not during this severe trial, but from that hour his cheerfulness deserted him. and. though he afterwards acquired distinction, a smile seldom visited his face, and his powerful intellect seemed often hovering on the verge of insanity. Do not attempt therefore to force coinage. The true method of dealing with unreasonable fears in children, is gradually to accustom them to those situations which ex­cite their fears. It is also well to place them in the society of courageous children.
In the midst of events which seem to bespeak predestination, man still feels that he is free.
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