How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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ing beautiful prospects in the distance. Wealth seeks to make him her votary, by disclosing her magic [tower over men and things. Ambi­tion woos him with dreams of glory. Indo­lence essays to soften and seduce him to her influence. Love, envy, malice revenge, jeal­ousy, and other busy spirits, assail him with their various arts. And man is free to yield to these temptations if he will ; oi he has the power to resist them, if he will. God has sur­rendered him to his own discretion, making him responsible, however, for the use and the abuse of the liberty bestowed upon him.
If a person mounts a high-spirited horse, it is important that he should be able to control him, otherwise be may be dashed in pieces. If an engineer undertakes to conduct a locomotive. it is necessary that he should be able to guide or check the panting engine at bis pleasure, else his own life, and the lives of others, may be sa­crificed. but it is still more indispensable that an individual, who is entrusted with the care of himself, should be able to govern himself.
This might seem a very easy task; but it is one of the most difficult that we are called upon to perform. History shows us that some of the greatest men have failed in it. Alexander could conquer the legions of Persia, but he could not 19*
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