How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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conquer his passions. Caesar triumphed in a hundred battles, but he fell a victim to the de­sire of being a king. Bonaparte vanquished nearly the whole of Europe, but he could not vanquish his own ambition. And in humbler life, nearer home, in our own every-day a flairs, most of us are often drawn aside from the path of duty and discretion, because we cannot re­sist some temptation or overcome some preju­dice.
If we consider that self-government requires two things: first, whenever we are tempted to deviate from the path of rectitude or to act im­prudently, or whenever we are tempted to neg­lect any duty, that we should possess and ex­ercise the power to check ourselves in the one case, and to compel ourselves to the required action in the other, we shall see that it is the great regulator of conduct, the very balance-wheel of life. Without it, a person is almost sure to miss happiness, however great may be his gifts, however high his fortune; with it, the humblest individual may command not merely the world's wealth, but the world's respect; and, what is better, peace of mind and the con­sciousness of Heaven's approbation.
If parents would not trust a child upon the back of a wild horse without bit or bridle, let
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