How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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in proportion to the sway it is permitted to ex­ercise over the heart.
Patriotism, love of country, then, is not merely a justifiable sentiment, but it is also ennobling to the soul which feels it. and beneficial to the community which calls it into exercise. It is alike dictated by nature and sanctioned by rea­son and religion. It becomes, therefore, a tit object of attention to all enlightened minds, and is worthy of the particular consideration of every one charged with the education of youth. While springing up spontaneously in the heart, it should be strengthened by all those means which are known to exert a strong influence on the young mind. Among these there is none, perhaps, more efficient than the exhibition of fine examples: and the best and most copious source of them is to be found in the story of our revolution. The striking instance afforded by Mr. Heed, the president of the continental con­gress, who, although offered a large bribe by some British agents to betray his country, re­plied. "Gentlemen, I am poor, very poor, but, poor as I am, your king is not rich enough to buy me!" is one of those which not only furnishes a vivid illustration of high patriotism, but is likely to excite in the breast of youth a glow of admiration and an ardent spirit of emulation.
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