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Whatever may be thought of it, the govern­ment of a country is a matter of the greatest consequence. It is of consequence not only in a general point of view, but to each individual. There is not a living soul so isolated that the influence of government, good or bad, may not reach him: and. in point of fact, there are very few men, women or children, of any generation, who are not in a serious degree affected by government.
We here speak not only of the form of govern­ment, but of the administration of it. The first is indeed of importance, but the latter is no less important: indeed, it has even been asserted that whatever government is best, administered, is best. For the administration of our govern­ment, the people are responsible in a high de­gree, for they elect the individuals who admi­nister it, and as these are good or bad, fit or unfit, so is the administration of it.
Now let it be considered, for a moment, what is meant by government, and we shall then see how immediately each individual is interested in it, and how deeply he may be affected by it. Government, then, embraces the making and enforcing all those laws which are designed to
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