How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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protect life; all those laws which are designed to protect property; all those laws which should insure to a man the peaceable possession of his home, his house, and his fireside—which should enable him to collect around him his family in security, and feel persuaded that the fruit of his labor, his skill, and his care, is so guaranteed to him, that he may appropriate it to his and their comfort and happiness.
Nor is this all the benefit designed to be con­ferred on us by government. It is this which should provide a system of general education; it is this which should protect us in the free exercise of our religious opinions: it is this which should enforce justice between man and man: it is this which should regulate com­merce, and render it a source of national and individual wealth; it is this which should pro­tect the arts and sciences, and give encourage­ment to manufactures and agriculture,—thus increasing the comforts and enjoyments of the community.
Such a thing is government; it is charged with all the great interests of the community. It is designed for good; but let us consider that it is as pervading as the air we breathe:—that, if we bar our doors, it will still enter our houses, and exert an influence upon all our interests. 20
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