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Such must be our situation when the govern­ment falls into the hands of artful, selfish and designing men. Nor can our interests be much safer in the hands of a weak, ignorant or in­competent sot of rulers. We have compared government to a machine. It may be illus­trated by a manufactory filled with various complicated engines, all of which are set in motion by a fall of water, acting upon one great wheel. Under a skilful and vigilant superin­tendent, the work goes regularly and safely on: the great wheel communicates its action to the others, and a vast complication of wheels. and bands, and cogs, proceeds, with different degrees of celerity, indeed, but each according to its design, and each accomplishing the end for which it was intended. Thus the whole estab­lishment proceeds with safety and success. But suppose that the superintendents are ignorant, and do not understand the machines: or sup­pose they are negligent and inattentive. Dis­order will soon creep into all parts of the estab­lishment. There will be the grating of wheels here, the rending of bands there, and the crush of cogs in another place. The great wheel will acquire an irregular motion; and the whole work, so lately a beautiful and useful contri­vance, will rush into a state of anarchy and utter ruin.
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