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This illustration cannot he said to impute too much consequence to government. Let us go to any country, ill governed, and compare it with one well governed. Look at Turkey, and see what desolation covers three fourths of its surface, and that too where the soil and climate are celebrated for the highest fertility! Look into society, and see how dreary and comfort­less is the condition of the greater part of the people. Compare this with England, where the soil is naturally poor and the climate for­bidding, and see what a difference. In the one case, poverty, distrust, selfishness and ignorance are characteristics of the people, while wealth, frankness, liberality and intelligence are com­mon to them in the other. And a great part of this difference arises from the difference of government. A good government is, then, a great blessing, but a bad government is a curse. The Turks have a striking proverb, which bit­ter experience has taught them—no grass grows ivhere the sultan's horse has set his foot. In other words, prosperity ceases and desolation comes wherever a selfish and unprincipled ru­ler has sway.
If these things are so, what does patriotism dictate to an American citizen ? Each citizen has the right to act in the choice of our rulers.
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