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so they doubtless are. But what will become of the country if the people refuse or neglect to vote? The safety of our country depends on having a full and fair representation at the polls of all classesórich and poor, the laborer and the capitalist, the refined and the simple. If the polls are given up to any one class, will the rights of all be secured ? No. Let every citizen vote then; it is his bounden duty.
2.  It is his duty in voting to lay aside selfish and narrow views, and act as he conscientiously thinks best for the good of the whole country.
3.  He should act for no party, and with no party, only so far as that party tends to promote the good of the whole country.
4.  Public officers being public agents, or trus≠tees, to perform certain duties, a voter should choose for the public as for himself: he should take care never to aid in electing an artful and dishonest man, for he may betray. He should try a candidate, strictly, by the questions pro≠posed by Mr. Jefferson,óIs he capable?- Is he hottest? Is he a friend to the Constitution?
5.  The Scripture says, " put not thy trust in princes." We may add, put not thy trust in politicians ! Our real safety is in the honesty of the people. If they are dishonest, or corrupt, or ignorant, or negligent, we are exposed to ruin.
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