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The child will partake of the diseases of the father; the government of the country, where the people rule, will be like the people, good or evil. Is there any man among us so bad as to aid in debasing, corrupting, destroying our go≠vernment ? Let each man read, examine, pon≠der, and act intelligently and honestly. Let the people act in such a manner as to make politicians see that honesty is their best policy, and then they will be honestónot otherwise !
6.  Political virtue, like all other virtue, con≠sists partly in self-sacrifice, or rather in consi≠dering our own interests only as they make part of the whole. The spirit of '76 was of this character; it was a spirit of self-forgetfulness, self-denial, self-sacriiice. These times of peace may not demand the same acts of virtue, but they demand the same kind of virtue. Let no man. who values a pure conscience, or seeks a good name, be found sacrificing the country to his own love of office, or power, or fame. Let no one, who values his independence, be made the dupe of such as do these things.
7.  This right of voting is a great matter. It is a thing for which millions are yearning in other lands. Let us not abuse it. It is a vast power. It gives into our hands the destiny of millions. Will any one trifle with it? Will
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