How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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any one abuse it? Will any one sell it? Who has the knavery to confess to himself or the world that he will lay this mighty talent up, unused and useless, in a napkin; or that he will use it according to his prejudices; or make it the instrument of his own ambition: or throw it away upon friendship, or family aggrandize­ment, or any other narrow, personal considera­tion? Who is the man that can look into his own bosom and confess that he can forget his country, forswear patriotism, and do these, or any of these things?
8.  If it is said that it is sometimes difficult to choose between candidates for office, let us bear in mind one rule—that it is never safe to promote the political schemes of designing, selfish managers. An artful, cunning intriguer for office is always to be shunned by honest voters.
9.  We who vote are acting for ourselves and our children. We may spoil the great arid good work of our forefathers; we shall do it if we are not careful! Who will aid in the destruction of this fabric, which has excited the admiration of the world, and go into the land of spirits, and say to their sires and grandsires, we have done what we could to destroy your work ?
Such appear to be the views which every
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